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Our Mission

Enable collaboration across the animal welfare industry

Why Saint

Faster Animal Transfer

SAINT cuts transfer time by more than 50%. Reducing the time it takes to communicate an animal(s) needs to be transferred (email, text, social media, etc.) to when that animal(s) has an agency to take him/her by more than half returns valuable time to both the receiving and sending agencies.

Adopt More Animals

Through SAINT, local agencies can work together in REAL time to match pets with adopters. SAINT allows agencies to see what animals are up for adoption at other groups, thus creating a collaborative adoption network. Working together through SAINT leads to pets finding homes more quickly, thus each agency can help more animals.

Improve Shelter Operations

SAINT is being developed as a “shelter” management platform and not just an “animal” management system. Along with your animals, SAINT will allow agencies to manage low cost clinic operations, lower supply costs and increase revenue and more.

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Average cost of medical care for 1 animal

This amount can vary widely from animal to animal, but on average, what are the costs of vaccinations, most often seen medines/preventives and surgery supplies (non staff)

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Number of additional adoptions per year

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Transfer more animals with Saint.

Fill in the purple fields to see the impact
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agency partners are contacted about transferring animals and the time it is determined where an animal will go

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SAINT gives us the technology to efficiently work together as an industry allowing us to make a larger impact and save even more lives.


SAINT has provided an efficient and much needed way to be closely connected to other organizations. This connection helps us place animals more quickly thus shortening their stay in our facility.

X-Port Paws

That’s the beauty and efficiency of SAINTit’s an incredibly comprehensive and efficient network that connects us all… thus saving more animals. It’s been a game changer for us in rescue.

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